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Grammar Book review: Lyn Cottee's Grammar for Life workbook is a recently created manual that has been designed for teachers to use with their students as a series of class activities.

The Grammar for Life workbook is unique in that it is a scripted manual. That is, the workbook is filled throughout with exercises for students to perform in class, and, as an added bonus, also contains homework assignments for students to complete at home.

Lyn has focused on the definitions and relationships between parts of speech and written language, such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions.

Each chapter cleverly builds on the information learnt in the previous chapter. This is important, because understanding the relationship between nouns, verbs and adjectives is crucial to students' knowledge of how parts of speech and written text work to create what we know as language.

These relationships are explored in some detail in Grammar for Life.

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Example of the text layout from Grammar for Life

The Grammar for Life workbook uses a set of visual cues to assist teachers and speech pathologists to provide the necessary scaffolding for students to learn the new grammatical concepts.

As with all scaffolding, this construction is gradually removed as the students move confidently through the program.

A feature I liked is that highly valuable instructions and notes that help clarify important concepts are provided in clear, colored boxes throughout the program.

The Grammar for Life workbook is recommended for use with school-age students eight years and up.

Highly recommended.

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