3rd Grade Books

3rd grade books, and how I use them

The books that I review and recommend on this site are stories I use as language intervention texts.

I select books based on particular criteria. That is, the selected book has to be engaging and also language rich. For 3rd grade level books the stories should have a compelling narrative that follows story grammar rules and also to introduce new and/or slightly unusual words that a child may be unfamiliar with.

Please click onto the links for a detailed review of the featured books. Book reviews will be added in the coming months as they become available.

The reviewed books will be listed in alphabetical order.

Recommended 3rd Grade (Years 3-4) level Texts

A scene from Mini Grey's, Traction Man is Here
Traction Man Review

A scene from Antonia Barber's, The Mousehole Cat
The Mousehole Cat Review

A scene from David Lucas's, Nutmeg
Nutmeg Review

A scene from Rod Clement's, Just Another Ordinary Day
Rod Clement Review

A scene from Matt Zurbo's, My Dad's a Wrestler
Matt Zurbo Review

A scene from Tony Wilson's, The Princess and the Packet of Frozen Peas
Tony Wilson Review

A scene from Sonya Hartnett's, The Boy and the Toy
Sonya Hartnett Review

A scene from Tim Winton's, The Deep
Tim Winton Review

A scene from Narelle Oliver's, Fox and Fine Feathers
Narelle Oliver Review

A scene from Roland Harvey's, To the Top End
Roland Harvey Review

A scene from Chris Van Allsburg's, The Garden of Abdul Gasazi
Abdul Gasazi Review

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