Speech Pathology Books

Speech pathology books have been a sore point for me in the past.

When I was a speech pathology student I got to the point where I couldn't bear to read speech pathology textbooks.

Study fatigue or something like it.

Four years of searching bug-eyed through textbooks in the early hours can do that to a person. It got so bad that even months after I graduated I couldn't look at a book - neither text book nor fiction book.

Times have changed. Most of the texts we'll look at on this page are books I refer to every other day.

So if any out there are interested in learning more about the ideas and principles on this website, then do follow the links to the review pages.

Speech Pathology Books

Author: Rhea Paul

Title: Language Disorder: from Infancy through Adolescence

Synopsis: A classic book about child language disorders. Rhea Paul's book continues to be highly relevant and readable.

Language Disorders review

Author: Kathryn DeKemnel

Title: Intervention in Language Arts

Synopsis: An excellent introduction to modern language intervention techniques.

Language Arts review

Author: Geraldine Wallach

Title: Language Intervention for School-Age Students.

Synopsis: A welcome and timely text that analyses modern language intervention, and points toward the future.

Language Intervention review

Author: Marion Blank

Title: The Reading Remedy

Synopsis: Not strictly a language intervention text, but if you're a school-based speech pathologist or teacher this book is certainly worth reading.

Reading Remedy review

Author: Maryanne Wolf

Title: Proust and the Squid: the Story and Science of the Reading Brain.

Synopsis: A fascinating and complex read about dyslexia and the science of reading.

Proust and the Squid Review

Authors: A. Lynn Williams, Sharynne McLeod, and Rebecca J. McCauley

Title: Interventions for Speech Sound Disorders in Children

Synopsis: A complex and rewarding read about the many different Intervention approaches to speech sound disorders currently available.

Interventions for Speech Sound Disorders Review

Author: Lyn Cottee

Title: Grammar for Life

Synopsis: A highly useful workbook for teachers and speech pathologists to teach students grammar skills.

Grammar for Life Review

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