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We believe in enriching educators through the science of learning so that you are best equipped to grow and foster engaged and confident learners. 

Speechlanguage-resources first started back in 2008 and since that time has assisted thousands of classroom teachers, speech-language pathologists and other educators to engage their students' thinking and learning with high quality oral language and literacy resources. 

Unlock the learning potential of effective oral language and literacy resources with our comprehensive knowledge hub for education professionals.

We produce content and resources that will help facilitate your skills to better your students' literacy outcomes.



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About Us
About Us
Why your child cannot read
Why your child cannot read
Science of learning and teaching
Science of learning and teaching practice are the future. Get on board now, don't wait. Your student will thank you.
What is the Science of Reading?
What is the science of reading? Read on and discover and exciting approach to the teaching of literacy.
Rosenshine Principles for Classroom Practice
Why the Rosenshine Principles for classroom practice are important to know
Speech Language Products
Speech language products: language and literacy books at an affordable price
Inference Activities 2nd Edition
Inference Activities 2nd Edition features imp[roved and updated scenarios, an inference test and much more
Sentence and Grammar Program: a program for tier 2 and 3 intervention
The sentence and grammar program is a step by step guide to allow teachers and parents to build grammar and syntax skills of early years students.
Free Board Games: hand drawn board games
Free Board Games: hand drawn board games that are heaps of fun to play and are also educational, and they're free!
Working Memory Challenges: An active listening and oral language workbook
Working Memory Challenges contain practical activities designed to spark students' receptive and expressive language skills
Working Memory Activities: A workbook to develop students' memory skills
Working Memory Activities is a a workbook that has been designed to stimulate children's short term memory and working memory abilities.
Educational Board Games: An introduction to educational board games
Educational Board Games: board games are a brilliant way to build academic skills in young children.
Language Therapy. A sequence of language intervention steps.
Language Therapy: This page provides links to <b>free</b> procedures, sequences and examples of language intervention techniques
A language intervention eBook that is purpose built to engage your students.
This language intervention eBook is the culmination of my many years as a speech-language clinician and the best current research.
Speech language programs to support your students' literacy skills.
Speech language programs that target your students' oral and written language skills in unique ways.
Teaching inferencing, the shared book reading way.
Teaching inferencing to school-aged children is directly related to the comprehension and understanding of stories.
Oral language strategies for speech pathologists and teachers.
Oral language strategies that are designed to stimulate communication skills in your students.
shared book reading and speech-language pathology
Shared book reading hasn't always been a speech-language pathologists focus. But times are changing. Speech-language pathologists are ideally suited to support literacy in school-aged children.
Sentence Structure Program: Activities to improve written expression
The Sentence Structure Program activities target students' written language and sentece writing abilities
Sentence Builder Program: Free program for writing sentences
Sentence Builder Program: This is a free program that if followed correctly will enable your students to learn sentence building skills and noun verb agreement.
Sentence Creator for Early Literacy
Sentence Creator for Early Literacy: A program that helps young students create simple sentences.
Free language activities to use with students with language difficulties.
Free language activities that demonstrate shared reading strategies and are easy to use.
Oral Language Program - Altered State
Oral Language Program: Altered State is an oral language program that promotes children's oral and written vocabulary and word learning skills.
Best language resources. My top 5 language resources.
Best language resources. A list of my top 5 language resources and how I like to use them.
Active Listening Activities: Free programs that target listening skills
Active Listening Activities: Active listening is the ability to focus and attend to increasingly complex and difficult questions to complete a task.
Speech language assessment: info on norm and criterion referenced assessments
Speech language assessment: Speech-language clinicians use assessment tools to determine a child's oral and written communication skills.
Language disorder commentary. Got a story or experience to share? Write it here.
Language disorder commentary. I've created this commentary page to allow you to express your opinions, frustrations, fears, anguish or triumphs related to children with language disorder.
What is language? School-aged language-development.
What is language? Language development is something that begins at birth and continues to grow over the course of a person's life.
Why is language disorder such a problem?
Child language disorder! Much has been written about it. But what is it, how does it affect your students, and what can you do about it? Click on this link to find out...
Working Memory Guide,
Working Memory Guide: working memory has been described as the gateway to learning. Read this page and links to find out why.
Invaluable educational tips for parents
If you're looking for strategies and educational tips for parents you have come to the right place.
Adolescent Language Development: Students in Secondary School
Adolescent language development continues in the middle school and high school years.
Syntax and language intervention
Syntax and grammatical knowledge are always important goals in language intervention.
Speech Sound Intervention: how to do speech therapy
Speech Sound Intervention: how to do speech therapy
Lateral Lisp Therapy
Lateral Lisp Therapy: The lateral lisp is a difficult speech sound error to change successfully.
Minimal Pairs Theory
Minimal pairs theory is a break down of a linguistic approach to helping children overcome speech disorders
Multiple Oppositions Therapy
Multiple Oppositions Therapy: A linguistic method of speech therapy for moderate to severe speech sound disorders
What is Speech?
What is Speech? Speech is the production of sound using the tongue, lips and teeth to communicate thoughts.
Speech Sound Errors. The most common speech errors a child is likely to make.
Speech Sound Errors. Articulation disorders and phonological disorders are the two most common types of speech disorders. This page explores both speech disorders.
Speech Sound Structures
Speech Sound Structures. The structures of the human speech mechanism.
Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Speech Pathology Acronyms
Speech Pathology Acronyms: A series of common acronyms which are used in speech pathology textbooks and journal articles.
Simple View of Reading: the foundation of reading science
Simple View of Reading: the foundation of reading science
Synthetic Phonics Resources
Synthetic Phonics Resources: materials that demonstrate how to teach synthetic phonic skills for school-age students
Sounds to Graphemes Guide
The Sound to Graphemes Guide is a free program that helps to establish early literacy skills for school-age children
Phonological Awareness Intervention: teach blending and segmenting of phonemes
Phonological Awareness Intervention is a free ebook that demonstrates the teaching of segmenting and blending
Inferencing Activities: This ebook is all about working on children's inference.
Inferencing Activities: Get ready to build your students' inference and thinking skills with this practical approach to teaching this vital comprehension skill.
Inference and Reading: A Practical Guide
Inference and Reading: A practical guide that contains free, downloadable worksheets to assist school-age students to better comprehend what they read.
Activties for Teaching Vocabulary. Free Vocabulary Activities Download
Activities for Teaching Vocabulary: Free download available on this page.
Vocabulary and Comprehension.
Vocabulary and Comprehension. Understanding text means more than just reading words on a page; comprehension relies upon vocabulary knowledge.
Reading Comprehension Problems
Reading Comprehension Problems: This page examines the complexity of reading comprehension difficulties.
Dyslexia defined.
Dyslexia defined. Dyslexia is a language based learning disability that affects reading and writing skills
Language-literacy; the speech-language pathologists role.
Language-literacy are two sides of the same coin. A school-aged child's reading skill is largely dependent on their having good oral language skills.
Phonological awareness tips and information
Phonological awareness is the leading predictor of reading success and failure. Read this page and find out why.
Autism behavior characteristics
Autism behavior characteristics.
Autism and Social Stories
Autism and Social Stories.
Asperger's Syndrome: An Outline
Asperger's syndrome: Here is information that details the signs and behavioural characteristics of high functioning autism.
Pragmatic language and the school-age child
Pragmatic language is a vital social skill that enables the school-aged child to navigate their way through demanding social situations.
Figurative language worksheets - simile and metaphor.
Figurative language worksheets that explore the differences and similarities between metaphor and simile.
Student Resources Grammar
Student Resources Grammar. A series of basic writing resources for school aged students.
Picture book activities
Picture book activities are well worth the investment in time. I've created a range of black line masters and activities that can be used with most picture books.
The benefits of reading books to children are many and varied.
One of the many benefits of reading books is that it focuses the child on a learning experience like no other.
The best picture books and how to best use them.
The best picture books tend to be those that transcend the genre, and are true works of art.
1st grade books. A guide for teachers and clinicians.
1st grade books are vitally important for a child's continued language acquisition and growth.
3rd grade books. A guide for teachers and speech pathologists.
3rd grade books. The storybooks featured and reviewed here have all proven to be invaluable language stimulation texts.
6th grade books. A guide for teachers and clinicians.
6th grade books are sometimes difficult to select due to the growing complexity of higher reading levels.
Speech pathology books. Recommended language intervention texts.
Speech pathology books. Recommended language interevention texts for best practice research, therapy tips, and new ideas.
Contact us and send a question or comment
Contact us if you wish to ask a question about speechlanguage-resources.
Language Literacy Research.: Links to research articles.
Language Literacy Research: A series of articles about language and literacy
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
effective classroom strategies for teachers of children with language impairment
Effective classroom strategies for students with language impairment are relatively easy to prepare.
Phonemic awareness activities for kindergarten and school-aged children
Phonemic awareness activities and phonological awareness activities will definitely improve your students reading and spelling skills . Visit this page to find out why.
Mousehole Cat Review: A beautiful and striking story.
Mousehole Cat Review. The Mousehole Cat tells the tale of an old Cornish legend about an old fisherman and his trusted moggy, who save their fishing village.
Free Grammar Worksheets.
Free Grammar Worksheets. There is a heap of free info and printable worksheets on this web page.
Speech Pathology Links
Speech Pathology Links: New links will be added once I have judged their suitability as relevant to language disorder and speech pathology.
Rod Clement Review: Just Another Ordinary Day
Rod Clement Review: Just Another Ordinary Day is a
Storyworld Review. A new book that helps to unlock childrens' imagination.
Storyworld Review. Storyworld is a book that is made up of 40 illustrated cards and instructions that allows your students to make new and exciting stories.
Oliver Jeffers Review: The Way Back Home.
Oliver Jeffers Review. The Way Back Home is the story of a young boy who's plane runs out of petrol on the moon.
Simplify Classroom Language: Tips for Teachers
Simplify Classroom Language. Tips for helping students with language difficulty understand verbal instructions.
Speech Disorders Review. Book review for Interventions for Speech Sound...
Speech Disorders Review: Interventions for Speech Sound Disorders in Children is a long title for a big book about speech sound errors in young children.
Speech Sounds s. How to stimulate /s/ sound.
Speech Sounds s. Advice on how to stimulate the /s/ sound.
Speech Sounds sh
Speech Sounds sh. How to elicit the sh sound in young children.
Speech Sounds k.
Speech Sounds k. How to elicit the k and g sounds in young children.
Speech Sounds f
Speech Sounds f. How to Elicit the /f/ Sound in Young Children
Narelle Oliver Review. The Children's Picture Book: Fox and Fine Feathers
Narelle Oliver Review: Fox and Fine Feathers is a recommended book for young readers from the Book Council of Australia
The Great Paper Caper Review
The Great Paper Caper Review. Oliver jeffers has written an exciting whodunnit for younger readers.
Mr McGhee Review: Mr McGhee Goes to Sea
Mr McGhee Review: Mr McGhee with teapot and brolly is carried away onto the sea, how jolly!
Criterion Referenced Assessment
Criterion referenced assessment: A test which compares and individuals performance to a prespecified standard.
Norm Referenced Assessment for Language Disorder
Norm referenced assessment for children with language impairment or difficulty.
Verb Categories: Verbs are arranged in different categories
Verb Categories: the five main verb categories are having verbs, feeling verbs, thinking verbs, saying verbs, and doing verbs.
Board Game Basics. What are the components of a board game?
Board Game Basics: What are the characteristics of a board game?
Irregular Verbs Worksheet
Irregular Verbs Worksheet: This worksheet is a great guide for students to check their written work for irregular verb errors.
Oral Language Techniques: strategies to enhance children's oral language
Oral Language Techniques: enhance your child's oral language development with these proven and powerful techniques.
Crafting Connections Review: How to Teach Social Skills
Crafting Connections Review: Social awareness and social language skills can be difficult to teach. This manual makes the teaching of social language skills achievable.
Language Disorder Survey for Parents
Language disorder survey for parents is research conducted to identify parents concerns about language disorder.
Teaching Literacy: Oral language is often overlooked in the teaching of reading
Teaching Literacy is heavily reliant on oral and written language
Secondary Students and Literacy:
Secondary Students and Literacy: Vital literacy skills such as decoding and reading comprehension are affected by developmental language disorder
Language literacy intervention:creating curriculum relevant intervention
Language literacy intervention: this page looks at what modern 21st century school age language intervention involves
Reading Difficulties: Early years reading problems
Poor teaching practices and ideology are directly contributing to reading difficulties in young children
The Writing Revolution Method
The Writing Revolution method follows six main principles: explicit instruction, sentence construction, curriculum related content, grammar and editing