Traction Man Review

Traction Man Review

Traction Man is here! And there's not a moment to lose.

The evil pillows have captured the toy farm animals and don't look like giving them back anytime soon.

But what's this? Traction Man has commandeered a jet-powered trainer that thwarts the pillows ghastly plan and frees the toy pillows. Hooray for Traction Man!

Traction Man is a toy action figure who believes he is the real thing. Traction man's antics took me back to my youth and endless days spent with Steve Austin, my six million dollar man, complete with bionic legs and a battery powered bionic eye that glowed red when a button was pushed in Steve's lower back.

Traction man is a very funny book that young children will love to read. Adults too can chuckle at some of the droll humour that is the book's feature.

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