Free Language Activities

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Working Memory Challenges

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Click on the cover image to to learn more about the best-selling educational text, Working Memory Activities. Working Memory Activities has been purpose built to prompt, nudge and engage your students memory and receptive language skills.

Free Language Activities

The free language activities on this page are examples of therapy materials that have high usability with school students of all ages. 

The activities are in easily accessible pdf form.

Updated 10/2023

Flight Zone Board Game: The Flight Zone board game is an exciting and complex game that recreates the experience of a WW2 pilot landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Also explore the Sentence Builder activity that was built to be used with the board game.  For all ages.

Click here to access the Flight Zone Board Game page

Turbo-Card Board Game: The Turbo-Card board game is an innovative car racing game that doubles as a fun game and as an exciting problem solving activity that requires good strategy and the luck of the dice to win. For all ages.

Click here to access the Turbo-Card board game page

Synthetic Phonics Worksheets: To be released over the coming months are worksheets that were initially designed to be used with decodable books but can also be used as activities to be completed at home independently.

Long Vowel - /er/ words

Long Vowel - /oe/ words

Long Vowel - /ae/ words

Long vowel - /ee/ words

Click here to access the Synthetic Phonics Worksheets Page

Sentence Structure Program: The sentence structure program is a 92 page intervention package that shapes and guides students' abilities to recognize and then construct simple, compound and complex sentences.

Click here to access the Sentence Structure Program

Story Starters: In a Mind's Eye oral and written language program has over 60 scenarios that will engage your students imagination and promote their oral and written language skills.

Click here to access the Story Starters oral language program

Altered State - Vocabulary Building Program: An oral and written language program that features absurd situations and a score of high utility tier 2 words for your students to explore using purpose built worksheets. For ages 9-12.

Click here to access the Oral Language Program - Altered State program

Multiple Oppositions Speech Therapy Guide: A webpage that features the new Multiple Oppositions Therapy Guide.

Click here to access the Multiple Oppositions Therapy Guide page

Dragon Rider Instructions Features a 14 page instruction manual that explores the rules and mechanics of the Dragon Rider game. Also included is an appendix with cut out characters that can be used in the game. Recommended for ages 7 and up.

Right-click to download this PDF file here.

Dragon Rider Gameboards: Two gameboards that feature stage 1 and stage 2 of the Dragon Rider game. Please allow a little extra time to download the gameboards. The file is over 5MB's and may take your computer a little extra time to download it.

Right-click to download this PDF file here.

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