Free Board Games

Free Board Games: the board games featured here are games I use frequently. They were great fun to make and kids love to play them. They are simple to learn and with only a small amount of initial effort you will have a series of games that are not only enjoyable and amusing to play but also make fantastic oral language activities.

Sentence Builder Racetrack - Free Board Games

The Sentence Builder Racetrack game was initially designed to be used as a companion to the sentence builder program. The game features an engaging game board and hand drawn figures riding motorbikes which race around the game board. The game uses 2 dice and helps teach early counting skills.

Click on the links to download the Sentence Builder Racetrack instructions and the free game board.

Dragon Rider - Free Board Games

The dragon rider is a language rich and engaging activity that features two beautifully designed game boards. Players select either female or male knights and must scramble up the enchanted floating rocks on game board one to reach Castle Orsova which is hidden high in the clouds. The castle has many obstacles not least of which is a wizard clad in purple who will confuse and bamboozle players as they strive to be the first to ride the fabled Great Were-Beast.

Click on the links to download the Dragon Rider instructions and the twin Dragon Rider game boards.

Mad Moments - Free Board Games

Mad Moments is a simple board game for younger students that doubles as an original and appealing oral language activity. Players are apprentice to a wizard who has accidentally created a powerful spell that has torn the fabric of reality to create a series of bizarre and absurd situations. The first to reach the wizard's pot with the counter-potion to end the spell will be in the wizard's good graces and wins the game. 

Click on the links to download the Mad Moments instructions and game board.

Between the Carrier and the Deep Blue Sea

Between the Carrier and the Deep Blue Sea is a board game that is set in an alternate past. Players need to gain entry to a fortified island and work their way to become a pilot. The player must then fly and be the first to land on the flying aircraft carrier. The game features a number of built in reversals that help children to cope with and overcome difficult challenges. Another feature is that children can come back and win the game even if all seems lost.

Click on the links to download the Carrier instructions and game board.

Updated 06/14

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