1st Grade Books. A Guide for Shared Book Reading

1st grade books, and how I use them

The books that I review and recommend on this site are stories I use as language intervention texts.

I select books based on particular criteria. That is, the selected book has to be engaging and also language rich. For 1st grade level books the stories should have an identifiable narrative and the pictures need to support the story.

The books don't always have to have text. There is much language stimulation that can be obtained from picture books that have no or minimal text, but still have a detailed and unforgettable story.

Mercer Mayer's a boy and a frog series of books are good examples of stories that contain great language, yet feature no text. The pictures provide the story and push the narrative forward.

Please click onto the links for a detailed review of the featured books. Book reviews will be added in the coming months as they become available.

The reviewed books will be listed in alphabetical order.

Recommended 1st Grade (Years 1&2) level Texts

A scene from David Ezra Stein's, ''Interrupting Chicken'

Interrupting Chicken Review

A scene from Mem Fox's, ''Possum Magic'

Possum Magic Review

A scene from Julia Donaldson's, ''Room on the Broom'
Room on the Broom Review

A scene from Pamela Allen's, ''Who Sank the Boat?
Pamela Allen reviews

Scene from Ian Falconer's, Olivia
Ian Falconer reviews

Scene from Alison Lester's, Magic Beach
Alison Lester reviews

Scene from A Boy, a Dog, and a Frog
Mercer Meyer Reviews

Scene from Lynley Dodd's Sniff Snuff Snap
Lynley Dodd Review

Scene from Nicolai Popov's, Why?
Nicolai Popov Review

Scene from Gregory Rogers', The Hero of Little Street
Gregory Rogers Review

Scene from Philip C. Stead's, A Sick Day for Amos McGee
Amos McGee Review

Scene from Sonya Hartnett's, Come Down, Cat
Come Down Cat Review

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