Working Memory Activities 

The Working Memory Activities book is a valuable and easy to use resource that features dozens of challenging and fun activities which will not only engage your students but stimulate their memory skills. This workbook features a variety of highly engaging and inventive exercises that will help to improve your students' memory abilities.

To be efficient learners, children need to hold information in their memory just long enough to sort and manipulate it. Children with poor working memory skills may struggle to hold onto, and effectively 'work', newly learnt information so that it ultimately fails to be retained.

In the classroom, this difficulty may present as students missing out on vitally important verbal information and struggling to sequence newly learnt material in a meaningful way.

The activities and instructions in the workbook have been designed so that students are encouraged to listen and attend to a specific sequence of instructions. Each sequence needs to be held in the students' memory systems long enough to manipulate the information so that they can successfully complete each individual exercise.

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The workbook has seven sections for your students to stimulate their memory skills. Each section has a series of activities that are graded from entry to intermediate to advanced.

Importantly, the workbook features a pre-test/post-test informal memory test and record sheets for each section so that you can monitor improvements in your students as they progress through the different sections.

The Working Memory Activities book was formed from games and strategies that the author has developed over the last several years to engage children when working on their memory and thinking skills.

This 186 page book will be of high interest to classroom teachers, speech-language pathologists and parents of children with language and literacy difficulties.

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Updated 07/2016