Language Disorders review. An appraisal of Rhea Paul's classic book.

Language Disorders review

It's perhaps best to start at the beginning. I bought this book in my first year as a speech pathology student, way back in 1997.

I still read it every other day. Not cover to cover, mind. Have you seen the size of this book?

What I tend to do is open to a particular passage and look for little nuggets of wisdom. And I generally always find them.

What makes this book very effective is that you can use the intervention ideas straight away, in your next therapy session if you're so inclined.

And there are dozens of useful language intervention gems to use.

If you ever get sent to an uncharted island (preferably tropical, with white sandy beaches) to work as a speech pathologist, and can take a single language intervention text only, then take this.

The chapters on Language, Reading and Learning in School, Intervening at the Language for Learning Stage, and Intervention at the Advanced Language Stage are required reading for any school-based speech-language pathologist.

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