Alison Lester review. Magic Beach

Alison Lester Review and Summary

The reviews on this page are based on my experience in using the reviewed texts as shared book reading material.

The books I have selected for review have proven effective as language stimulation texts.

Magic Beach (Alison Lester review)

A classic in Australian children's literature, Magic Beach combines the realities of beach play with elaborate fantasies featuring pirates and fire breathing dragons.

The pages alternate between children splashing in the waves - simply doing what kids do at the beach - and descriptions of magical wild, white horses that thunder past, and plunge and prance in the sea.

The language sparkles, and features many action words such as splashing and jumping and shrieking. The text and the illustrations are highly engaging for young readers.

This is a terrific book for young children and really does capture the magic of being at the beach, which anyone, particularly those who live close to the coast, can relate to.

Magic Beach is highly recommended as a shared reading text.

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