Story Grammar Marker

Story Grammar Marker: A marker is a useful and easy to use tool for students when they first attempt to compose original stories using classic story grammar sequence.

The marker is a tool that helps your students tell, or retell their own experiences and stories, and also helps students to shape and compose their own written stories.

The marker serves as a visual reference for students to check to see if they have added all elements of a successful and interesting story. The marker should have all aspects of a narrative sequence represented in a harmonious and complete image.

A marker has the following story grammar attributes visually displayed.

  • Who is the story about? Who is the main character?
  • Where does the story take place? What is the setting?
  • What event gets the story moving? This is known as the beginning or the intitating event.
  • What is the internal response of the main character to the event? How does he feel about it?
  • What does the character decide to do? What plan does he put into action?
  • What actions does the character put into place to resolve the problem posed in the initiating event?
  • What is the consequence of the character's actions? How does he resolve the problem in the story?
  • At the story's resolution, how does the character feel about the events in the story and how he resolved the problem in the story?

Featured in the download below is a story marker that features a very short story about a character who wishes to film a solar eclipse of the sun. The story stars Stickman. Stickman suffers a sequence of events that threaten to derail his attempt to film a total eclipse. All the elements of a short narrative are represented in Stickman's attempts to film the total eclipse.

Please click on the pdf file below to download a unique and highly useful story grammar marker that students are welcome to use to compose original stories.

Right-click to download the story grammar marker file here.