Speech Language Materials

Speech Language Materials: This page has numerous images and may take a while to load if you have a dial up connection.

The In a Mind's Eye and On Cloud 9 Idioms programs have a range of activities that have been designed so they can be read straight from the page.

Another option, if you are willing to spend a little time and effort, is to create therapy cards from the program pages, and have durable therapy materials that will last a lifetime.

Cut the scenarios from their individual sheets. There should be 6 scenarios to every sheet.

I use coloured A4 sheets as the backing for my cards. blue and purple will be used for the following examples.

Use common stick glue to attach the cards to coloured paper. Then cut around the cards until there is a gap of about 5 mm's.

Layer the cards onto standard A4 laminate sheets.

I usually dab a spot of glue on each card to ensure the cards doesn't move as they travel through the laminator.

Meet Larry Laminator. Larry's interests include, but are not limited to, operating his rollers in reverse, chewing up beautifully prepared laminate sheets and exasperating me in the extreme.

We share a codependent relationship that has survived for, oh, several years now.

On bad days Larry's a loathsome offensive brute, on good days he's a dapper little gent - when his rollers work properly.

Despite Larry's little idiosyncrasies, he was a great buy. Larry cost me 20$ about five years ago, and he still works!

Run the laminate sheets through the laminator. If you're unfamiliar with laminators do read the instructions.

And don't forget to turn the laminator off when you're finished. They get hot!

Cut the excess laminate off the cards.

I like to use scissors, but a guillotine is also an option.

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