Speech Language Interviews

Welcome to the speech language interviews page.

Over the coming months I will be interviewing a range of speech pathologists and education professionals and posting them onto this page.

The interviews on this page are offered as a direct link from the Language Dispatch newsletter.

The people interviewed have generously donated their time to offer some of their accumulated wisdom on all aspects of education in the school system. I select interview subjects based on their experience and knowledge, which is usually considerable.

Each interviewee is asked questions which are pertinent to speech pathology practice within the school system. At this stage, the interview subjects are mostly Australian, and they do talk about Australian schools and processes, but the themes and challenges they narrate are universal.


Interview 2: Lyn Cottee. Lyn is a linguist and literacy expert who runs a reading disabilities clinic in Victoria, Australia called The Learning Centre.

Lyn Cottee Interview.

If you would like to learn more about Lyn's views she can be contacted via her website at linguistlearning.com

Interview 1: Andrew Taylor. Andrew is a disabilities coordinator who works in Victoria, Australia. Andrew has a wealth of experience as both a disabilities coordinator and speech-language pathologist. Click on the link to read what Andrew had to say.

Andrew Taylor Interview.

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