Sound Partners Sh & Zh /ʃ/ & /ʒ/

Sound Partners sh & zh - /ʃ/ & /ʒ/

The /ʃ/ phoneme can be a difficult sound for children to get right.

Similarly, the voiced partner of /ʃ/, the phoneme /ʒ/ as in measure or treasurecan be tough for children to articulate correctly without assistance.

The /ʃ/ & /ʒ/ eBook provides you with simple, practical instructions on how to best elicit the /ʃ/ & /ʒ/ speech sounds in your clients.

The Sound Partners series of ebooks have been developed to assist you to help your clients achieve their speech therapy goals.

The first book in the Sound Partners series focuses on the fricative sounds /ʃ/ & /ʒ/

Each workbook features time-tested techniques for moving your client from target sound in isolation to the target sound linked with vowels

The Sound Partners eBooks can be used by speech-language pathologists working with children in  either pre-school or primary/elementary schools.

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The Sound Partners eBook Features...

  • Clear and concise instructions on how to elicit correct /ʃ/ & /ʒ/ production.
  • Unique and colourful illustrations that enhance the text.
  • A section that demonstrates speech therapy techniques
  • Sound + Vowel techniques with activities to enhance your clients' understanding of the correct sound sequence.



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