Rosenshine principle obtaining a high success rate


Rosenshine principle obtaining a high success rate for all students can be a daunting task for many teachers, but with the Rosenshine principles, it can become an achievable goal. This teaching method, backed by solid research and evidence, when applied with fidelity has been shown to foster a high level of achievement in students.

Riding the waves of this ground-breaking approach, students encounter a vibrant teaching and learning environment where learning isn't just about absorbing information - it's about nurturing a deeply understanding the concepts and applying them effectively. This approach cultivates a positive attitude towards learning.

Rosenshine principle obtaining a high success rate - 

The Rosenshine method counteracts the belief that mistakes are taboo in the learning process. Instead, "learning from mistakes" becomes the mantra, which fuels a growth mindset. It proposes that one's ability to learn can develop with practice, giving birth in your students the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

Among the set of revered Rosenshine principles, we find the principle of obtaining a high success rate. In essence, it's about ensuring lessons are error-free and securing the newly gained knowledge.

The Rosenshine principle emphasizes error-free lessons. Teachers carefully ensuring that the curriculum is presented accurately prevents students from holding on to misconceptions, which can inadvertently lead to effortful learning.

Ensuring a high success rate also revolves around another essential Rosenshine principle — proficiency in learned tasks which manifests as fluency. Fluency is achieved when students can recall and apply what they've learned quickly and efficiently. This improves student confidence, setting the foundation for higher achievement.

Accurate testing plays a crucial role in helping students obtain a high success rate. With this principle, every assessment becomes a stepping stone towards achieving and maintaining high standards in learning and teaching.


Sound technical? Let's break it down. Imagine sparkling conversations happening around the room. Students are not hesitant anymore; they are excited to answer, bridging the gap between just learning and learning with understanding. That's the magic of this Rosenshine principle at work!

However, obtaining this high success rate isn't an overnight process. It's more of an exciting journey paved by hard work, resilience, and sympathetic and evidence informed teaching practices.

Rosenshine principle obtaining a high success rate

Now, let's dissect how the Rosenshine principles obtain a high success rate. The primary strategy is making sure that lessons are mostly error-free. What errors occur in student understanding is always seen as a teaching opportunity.

Teachers play an instrumental role in delivering accurate knowledge. They are like the gardeners ensuring the plant (student) doesn't receive any harmful substances (inaccurate knowledge). This depiction goes to show that error-free learning is paramount in establishing a solid base of knowledge.


Beyond just facts, these principles boost comprehension in students. Going back to our seed analogy, comprehension would be like the sunlight needed for the plant's growth. By accommodating different learning styles and integrating advanced teaching strategies, students get to understand ideas deeply and holistically.

Securing newly learnt content is another pillar of the Rosenshine principles. So, how does one secure knowledge? The answer lies in repetition and practice. Practise, they say, makes perfect. In learning, practice fosters familiarity and bolsters fluency.

Securing knowledge isn't just about re-reading or memorizing facts. It's an active process where students encounter concepts from different angles, fostering a strong web of understanding. This well-rounded approach cements the importance of comprehension, moving beyond surface-level learning.

Rosenshine principle obtaining a high success rate - 

The quest for a high success rate extends into building student confidence. Once students are fluent in certain subjects, their efficiency and speed increase. They are no longer anxious about giving answers or participating in discussions; they are more than capable. They are confident.

Speaking of student confidence - wouldn’t you agree it’s invigorating to see a student grow both in knowledge and confidence? Student confidence is indeed a by-product of the Rosenshine principles. It nurtures a positive attitude suggesting that all difficulties can be tackled with the right strategies in place.

As we summarize the Rosenshine principles to obtain a high success rate, a central theme emerges — the pivotal role of accurate evaluation. This is not just about the end-of-semester tests, but continual checks for understanding.

Regular, accurate evaluations ensure that students stay on course, this is facilitated by quickly correcting any errors or misunderstandings. These evaluations serve as compasses, providing both students and teachers with a clearer sense of direction.

Rosenshine's stance on obtaining a high success rate goes beyond academic performance. It's about igniting a genuine interest in learning and encouraging students to be active participants in their education.


This principle is not just about maximising test scores, but ensuring that students can apply their knowledge in real-world situations. It's about raising problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and most importantly, lifelong learners.

The principles arm teachers with an evidence-based framework that nurtures a supportive classroom environment, where students can safely make mistakes and learn from them. In such an environment, students are likely to enjoy learning, leading to a high success rate.

However, the fulfilment of these principles is not the end; it's the beginning of an ongoing refinement process. As a teacher, you take these principles, adapt them to your unique teaching style, and fine-tune them based on your classroom dynamics.

All in all, the Rosenshine principles obtain a high success rate by focusing on error-free lessons, securing newly learnt content, and boosting fluency and student confidence. They stress on the importance of practice and continuous evaluation in closing the gap between learning and understanding.

Rosenshine principle obtaining a high success rate - summary 

There you have it - the essence of how the Rosenshine principles secure high success rates. As an evidence-based teaching approach, it provides you with an inviting, enthusiastic, and exciting blueprint to construct a classroom where every student can achieve success. The next time you step into your classroom, remember to create an environment where learning is not just understood; it is genuinely experienced.


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Updated 10/2023