Speech Language Interview Series No. 2

Hello and welcome to this issue of The Language Dispatch, which features the second of my interview series.

The second interview was conducted with Lyn Cottee. Lyn Cottee is a linguist and literacy expert who runs a clinic called the The Learning Centre in Victoria, Australia.

The interview was transcribed and is available as an adobe pdf file, and can be accessed on the speechlanguage-resources.com website.

In the interview Lyn reveals her experiences as a young child growing up in 3 vastly different cultures, learning 4 different languages before the age of 5, and the affect that had on her formative years.

Also, Lyn affirms, among other things, her beliefs about the importance of grammar to literacy and modern culture, and gives an up close and personal account of the literacy computer program, Fast ForWord.

It's a great interview, and not to be missed.

When you click on the link, just scroll down the page to the interview.

Lyn Cottee Interview

Speak to you again soon

David Newman
Speech-Language Pathologist