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The Language Dispatch, Issue #031-- new scip program
November 08, 2016

Hello, and welcome to this issue of the Language Dispatch.

New SCIP Program - Sound Contrasts in Phonology

Lyn William's SCIP program has had a major rebuild in partnership with EBS Healthcare and is available to purchase from iTunes.

Please read on to learn more.

SCIP (Sound Contrasts In Phonology) is the easiest way to increase intelligibility in less time. SCIP is an evidence-based, therapeutic tool developed through a one million dollar NIH grant by ASHA Fellow Dr. A. Lynn Williams. It allows you to both create and implement treatment approaches using five different contrastive therapy approaches:

•Multiple Oppositions

•Minimal Pairs

•Maximal Oppositions

•Treatment of the Empty Set

•Vowel Contrasts

SCIP includes more than 2,350 real words and 6,000 nonsense words to provide the widest variety of treatment stimuli and support rapid progress. The app allows individual or group sessions with up to 4 students. In group sessions, each student has individualized treatment targets and data collection. Print or email graphs of treatment progress and individual session notes!

Choose the option to treat word-initial or word-final sounds using pictures or illustrations. You can also print illustrations to prepare practice sets to be used away from the iPad or sent home for reinforcement.

Click on the multiple oppositions link and scroll to the bottom of the page to access the iTunes SCIP link.

multiple oppositions page

I shall be in touch again soon.

David Newman
Speech language Pathologist

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