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Language Therapy Pages

Over the past 3 months, I have created seven initial (others will be added) language therapy pages that show me using graphic organizers, planning individual sessions, working with students, documenting progress, and working out the next language intervention step.

The language teaching method I favour (communicative reading strategies) is a form of text-based language intervention. CRS is readily transferable to a school classroom, and is relatively simple to learn and use. Text-based language intervention is considered best practice for teaching oral and written language skills to school-age students. (Wallach, 2008)

My aim with the language therapy webpages is to give you the necessary tools to plan and produce, good, repeatable language stimulation techniques to help your students better access and understand the books they read, which has the flow on effect of strengthening children's oral and written language skills.

Perhaps the best thing about the language therapy pages is that it is all free!

Please link to...

language therapy - Introduction

Phonological Awareness Intervention

Semantics Intervention

Syntax Intervention

Story Grammar Intervention

Inference Intervention

Figurative Language Intervention

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Speech-Language Pathologist