Inference and Reading Comprehension

Hello, and welcome to this issue of the Language Dispatch.

Inference is a vital skill which school-age children need to learn to be competent readers. Without the ability to infer meaning from text young readers will only read the words on the page and not access a story's deeper meaning.

I have a range of tools which I use to assist young children to analyse and attend to a text's hidden meaning. One of the skills taught is to learn to attend to key words. Key words hint that their is a deeper meaning in the text that is worth exploring.

Click on the link to a webpage about inference and reading and scroll down the page to download the free graphic organizers that target inference in text.

Inference and Reading - free graphic organizers.

New Digital Download!

Inference Activities

To be Released on 23rd June.

The inference activities ebook will feature hundreds of fiction and non-fiction sentences and paragraphs, each designed to improve your students' inference and comprehension skills.

David Newman
Speech-Language Pathologist