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How can you make literacy lessons more engaging?
January 10, 2024

Hi there,

As educators, we understand the profound impact our teaching can have on shaping our students' reading abilities. That is where the science of reading particularly speech to print phonics proves to be a beacon of effective pedagogy.

According to government driven studies such as the National Reading Panel and the Rose Report, integrating speech to print phonics teaching strategies enhances phonemic awareness, ensuring our most vulnerable students have a solid foundation for the teaching of literacy skills.

Picture this: a classroom buzzing with excitement as all students wield mini-whiteboards with enthusiasm while decoding newly learnt words effortlessly.

Also imagine decodable readers being used as part of daily practice while further reinforcing students' newfound confidence with their steadily improving blending and segmenting skills.

For those seeking some extra guidance in areas of literacy and oral language, speechlanguage-resources will provide, in 2024 and on into the future, support and resources to aid teaching practice that seeks to master the science and art of literacy and oral language instruction.

Have a splendid day David

The speechlanguage-resources team

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