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The Language Dispatch, Issue #020-- Sentence Builder Program
August 15, 2013

Hello, and welcome to this issue of the Language Dispatch.

In this issue you will find a link to a new program - Sentence Builder for Early Years. The program is best suited for use with children between the ages of 5-8 or with older students with dyslexia or language disorder.

The program is a free 108 page workbook that focuses on students learning 35 key words and 30 key phrases. Students are guided to combine the phrases into simple sentences that feature correct grammar. An added feature of the program is that 35 key words each have a page dedicated to students' learning their construction and spelling.

I use the program myself daily and can attest to the game and activities ability to engage students and teach them vital early writing and written language skills.

There is some intial preparation of materials, but it is certainly worth the effort with the results you can gain with your students by using the program regularly.

Once you click on the link, please scroll down the page and click on the cover image to download the free Sentence Builder Program.

Sentence Builder Program

I hope you enjoy using the Sentence Builder Program as much as I do.

I shall be in touch again soon.

David Newman

Speech language Pathologist

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