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decoding dyslexia
January 25, 2024

Hi there,

In the world of literacy education, dyslexia continues to leave an indelible mark on the lives of thousands of families in the English speaking world, affecting 1 in 5 students (International Dyslexia Association).

One of the challenges the science of reading community has strived to unravel is the link between dyslexia and oral language, which has presented a puzzle for researchers and educators alike.

One of the question posed has been, is dyslexia an oral language based disorder?

And how can we as educators untangle some of the narrative around dyslexia and provide the best intervention possible?

This page attempts to address some of the uncertainties with dyslexia

In addition, and available only to subscribers to this newsletter, click on the image to download a new synthetic phonics screener.

Speechlanguage-Resources will continue to provide support to aid teachers, teaching practice more generally, teacher aides and parents that seek to learn more about the science and art of literacy and oral language instruction.

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