Language Disorder Transcript - Radio National's Gap Kids

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Language Disorder Transcript

Severe language disorder is a devastating condition that has a profound impact on those affected. School-age children with this condition have considerable difficulty learning new information, stating their views, and adapting to and learning in the school environment.

But it tends to be a silent condition. Part of the problem is that language disorder is difficult to define and categorize. Therefore its effects and the damage it causes to children's education is not really known in the general community.

Though language impairment affects 7-10 per cent of the school population, not enough is being done at a governmental level to assist children and families affected - in my opinion.

I recently discovered a terrific program on ABC Radio National's Health Report. The Health Report examines important public health topics in Australia. The report I discovered is called "Gap Kids." Gap kids refers to children with language disorder in Australia, who tend to fall through the gaps when it comes to funding for and response to their learning disability. The show was recorded in 2008 but is still relevant today.

Whichever part of the world you may be from, the Gap Kids report is required listening or reading if you have an interest in learning disability. It's available as a written transcript and/or as an audio podcast.

Please click on the link below to access the "Gap Kids" webpage.

Radio National's June 9th, 2008 Health Report: Gap Kids

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Speech-Language Pathologist