A little about SpeechLanguage-Resources...

This section is a brief background about me and how speechlanguage-resources.com came to be started.

My name is David Newman BAppSc and I've been a speech-language pathologist for a little over eight years now. I'm a graduate of Latrobe University.

Much of my clinical work has been in primary and secondary schools. Over time I've built up a store of knowledge and practical experience that has served me well.

I find effective intervention for language disorders to be a complex challenge.

Language really is such a broad area, and it tends to underpin all academic learning. Language skills are the foundation upon which all future learning and knowledge is built.

Children with language difficulty who start school are at a disadvantage from the very beginning of their school lives.

You can read more about language on the language disorders page.

I've always created and used my own language therapy resources. The games and resources have been improved over time and I only use what I know works well.

Creating my own website, so that many others can experience the resources usefulness, was the next step for me. The story behind the making of this website can be found here.

My journey to this point started several years ago when I was a 2nd year speech-language pathology student.

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